How I Help


Does your organization, business, school or community need a spark? Someone to shine a light on the epidemic of violence we now face from the perspective of a physician and intellect of a business strategist? Who will listen, advocate and help find solutions using proven processes?


Available for conferences and corporate events as a keynote speaker or panelist on violence, the impact and motivating factors; mental health and lack of psychiatric services, and violence prevention.


I am starting a movement that’s anti-violence and pro mental health and violence prevention – things we all can support. The overarching vision is using research and proactive, practical actions to stop violence. I invite you to join me!


In the meantime, I welcome the opportunity to get involved with other anti-violence initiatives and programs, including yours.


Let’s discuss!


Consult with clients using a trademarked Violence Elimination Program, a five-step program that can be customized for different settings. The program includes:


– Training key decision makers on the Science of Violence.


– Pre-assessment and analytics to determine the anatomy of violence, existing health and social structures, cultural and workplace contributors, and markers of success.


– Development and implementation of a customized solution.


– Re-measurement of success marker and ongoing self-monitoring mechanisms.